Board Members

Barbara DeWitt – President

  • Founding Member of NABA BBCBC in 2003
  • Served as BCBC Vice-President for 14 years
  • Manager of NABA Broward County Butterfly Counts
  • Organizes field trips to look for rare and endangered butterflies

Peggy Strumski – Vice President

  • Plant Raffle Coordinator
  • Organizes booth at Water Matters Day
  • Coordinates Amazon fund raising
  • Procures speakers for BCBC meetings

Cynthia Chambers – Treasurer

  • Prepares BCBC action plan, annual budget, grant application and safety plan.
  • Monarch Tagging/Sampling Coordinator

Melissa Lacky – Secretary

  • Works with the whole board  to create meeting agendas, distribute them in advance, and gather any necessary materials or reports for the meeting.
  • Organizes in person and zoom educational programs to promote butterfly and pollinator gardening as well as field trips and speakers for BCBC meetings